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Codice Photo
R85195 0005-,-- Iron reductionIt allows to connect the aspirator to the suction hosefrom 70 to 50
R85195 0015-,-- 3m anti-static oil-resistant rubber hose with integrated sleevesHose to be connected to the vacuum cleaners reduction code R851950005 or R85195003750
R85195 0018-,-- Antistatic rubber sleeve ø 50 mmSleeve to screw on the two ends of the tube50
R85195 0020-,-- Galvanized flat lance length 500 mmSuction of chips, liquids and powders50
R85195 0022-,-- Polyurethane tube length 5 m with sleevesSuction of abrasive materials and liquids50
R85195 0025-,-- Rubber suction cupThis accessory to be used must be composed of one of the following cod. R851950037 - R85195002750
R85195 0027-,-- Elbow junctionThis accessory to be used must be composed of one of the following cod. R851950035 - R8519002550
R85195 0035-,-- Truncated cone in nitrile rubberSuction from machine tools of chips and liquids. To be used, this accessory must be combined with one of the following codes R851950037 - R85195002750
R85195 0037-,-- Fitting junctionConnector between two hoses or between a hose and a final accessory in rubber or plastic50
R85195 0039-,-- Hose junctionConnector between two hoses50

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