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Codice Cyl. connection ø
hexagon hollows up to
square hollows up to
torx hollows up to
Maximum working depth
Tool model
A70010 0005-,--10108T 40120,25NG 8
A70010 0010-,--12108T 40120,25NG 8
A70010 0015-,--16108T 40120,25NG 8
A70010 0020-,--161210T 60200,65NG 12
A70010 0025-,--201210T 60200,65NG 12
A70010 0030-,--251210T 60200,65NG 12
A70010 0035-,--connection C.M. 21210T 60200,65NG 12
A70010 0040-,--161412T 60221,15NG 12
A70010 0045-,--201412T 60221,15NG 12
A70010 0050-,--251412T 60221,15NG 12
A70010 0055-,--connection C.M. 21412T 60221,15NG 12
A70010 0060-,--202416T 100252NG 16
A70010 0065-,--252416T 100252NG 16
A70010 0070-,--322416T 100252NG 16
A70010 0075-,--connection C.M. 32416T 100252NG 16
A70010 0085-,--254022T 100254,2NG 16
A70010 0090-,--324022T 100254,2NG 16
A70010 0095-,--connection C.M. 34022T 100254,2NG 16
A70010 0100-,--connection C.M. 44022T 100254,2NG 16
A70010 0110-,--254022T 100454,2SG 16
A70010 0115-,--324022T 100454,2SG 16
A70010 0120-,--404022T 100454,2SG 16
A70010 0125-,--connection C.M. 34022T 100454,2SG 16
A70010 0130-,--connection C.M. 44022T 100454,2SG 16

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